3 template đẹp miễn phí cho blogspot load cực nhanh

Xin giới thiệu 3 template đẹp miễn phí cho blogspot load cực nhanh, đó là các template từ sora blogger template, Kuncidunia,  và Bloggertheme9 mà mình chọn lọc và đã kiểm tra tốc độ bằng công cụ PageSpeed Insights

Danh sách các template:
1. Sora Fast Blogger Template
Sora Fast Blogger Template is a clean and modern-looking theme that has an overall fresh look and absolutely zero clutter. Write your unique story about travel, inspirations, food, photos, weddings and everyday moments. Let’s make your blog the source of inspiration. This theme can be easily installed to start your personal clean and minimal blog within one click. Also It’s responsive, which means it adapts to the device on which it’s displayed. easy to configure with powerful theme options and our nice support team. you will only need 5 minutes and you will be able to start blogging
2. Evo Simple Blogger Template


Evo Simple is a free and responsive blogger template that’s ideal theme for Magazine, Blogging, Articles and Business Blogs. You can also apply this theme on Gallery site. if you’re searching for one theme that load your website fast then this is one of the best theme for your website.
3. Fast Edition Blogger Template
Fast Edition blogger template is a quick load theme. We have tried to use almost 0 script in the theme, so that it wont increase the blog’s load time. Template design was taken from some old design blogger template. If we remove the bootstrap links feature, your blog is going to load in a speed that can’t be imagined. Don’t go on template’s sober color or old simple design combination.
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